Saturday, March 14, 2015

they gave me the world

Recently, Threads hosted a week of posts specifically curated for International Women's Day by Dr Clare Rush. One of them, entitled They Gave Me A Box, has been widely shared across social media. It's a poem describing the way the author experienced church and growing up in it as a young woman.

It just hasn't happened that way for me. If I was to rewrite this poem to tell my story it'd be called "They gave me the world"

For me, church has been a place where I learnt who I am, while being surrounded by amazing people with a great wealth of experience and wisdom between them. As I've grown up there have been plenty of wonderful people praying for me.

As a child in the baptist church where I grew up, women in leadership roles was just as common as men and I'm grateful for the role models. I've seen and heard countless fantastic (and terrible!) speakers, both male and female. It's always felt normal for me to see women in those positions as well as men.

I've been given opportunities to develop my skills, practice leadership, participate in all sorts of things alongside those more experienced than me, and through this I've been involved in all sorts of things in my home town, in the UK and around the world too. I've been encouraged, discipled and nurtured by men and women alike.

I've never felt like there were things I couldn't do because of being a woman. I realise what an incredible privilege this is. I know it happens. I know the blog below rings true for many women in the church, and actually many men too. But I also know from personal experience that this isn't an exclusive truth. My story isn't unique.

Because of the church I've been to places I'd never otherwise have been.
Because of the church I've had opportunities I wouldn't have been offered anywhere else.
Because of the church I've had experiences I wouldn't have had access to.
And these things have made me the person I am today.

They gave me the world...
... and I'm thankful.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

great customer service

The train company, First Capital Connect, are using twitter for the bulk of their customer relations work. Reading through their timeline is eye-opening, with tweet after tweet of gracious apology and information in response to grumpy customers.

It might be screen-based, but their customer service is personal and has a great sense of humour. The Bedford-Brighton line was delayed this morning which meant that my Luton-St Albans journey took a little longer than it should have done. The cafe were playing the Indiana Jones theme which really lifted the mood of the situation. So I tweeted. And this happened:

Well done Jay and the team at @FirstCC

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

five minute friday: visit

fem minutters fredag​​: bes√łk*


I've just spent 90 minutes on the phone to a friend.

For many people that's not so remarkable. In fact, for teenage girls that's probably a short call. But it's unusual for me - I prefer email or text or even FB chat for catching up with people. I gave up on voice calls ages ago. Never a conscious decision, they just slipped away. These days if my phone rings, it's probably my mum.

But today was about catching up with a friend who moved away last year. We used to live a few minutes apart. Today a quick "visit" would take over 10 hours travel there and back. I miss our regular times of chatting, laughing, sharing and praying. The travel was easy and the company was too.

A phone call will never be the same as an evening on the sofa but actually, after the conversation, I really do feel like she visited. I'm grateful for my friend and I'm inspired by all she's up to.

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* Last time I did FMF I had just had an influx of Latvian visitors to the blog. This week I have had 85 visitors from Norway. So the title is in Norwegian. Velkommen. 


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