Thursday, November 18, 2004

They've all been MB-ed

The dining room here at college is buzzing! The students have all just done a Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator Test so they're all discussing their types and trying to guess each others' and work out how to get on with each other. It's very funny to watch and listen to. Quite interesting too.

I think I upset one cos I told him I used to be E but now I'm I and according to MB Purists, you can't change type. Poppycock I reckon - God can change character so why can't our MB Types change?

Had a bit of fun thinking about which biblical characters might be which types. I haven't thought of anything conclusive but we did decide that Jesus would be EINSFTPJ as he is "all things to all men"

I think I've kinda realised that I have a subconscious belief that anything I don't agree with must be the other MB type to me. I'm INFP, strongest in N so I think I just figure that anything or anyone I disagree with must be S. Maybe I need to rethink my use of the types?

Anyway if you're curious... you can take the test here

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