Tuesday, November 09, 2004


Ever had one of those days when your eyes just don't seem to wake up? The rest of my body is doing fine. My eyes haven't quite made it today.

Tried to watch 1984 last night. Guess we were both too tired for it - an american teen romcom would've been more our level. I fell asleep at a suitable point in the film when the two characters fell asleep too. I have to say though, what I did see of it hasn't particularly inspired me to grab hold of it and watch it again when I'm more awake. Guess that makes me some sort of literary oaf? Oh well. I was happier with Laurence Llewellyn Bowen.

Am looking forward to reading the new Louis de Bernieres, Birds Without Wings though...


  1. Tom Paulin, Newsnight Review:

    "De Bernieres wrote a rotten book, made into a rotten film, and financed another rotten book. I picked up this stereotypical, mediocre nonsense and I wanted to throw it out the door."

  2. probably be better than the errr.. well those monks!!!

  3. Thanks for that inspirational review Martin! I'm not phased - I think Corelli was a great book. The film is a different matter entirely. De Berniere's other books are even better.

    And Jude... ANYTHING is better than those monks. Ugh.



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