Wednesday, January 26, 2005

the aviator

Saw the Aviator recently.

I have to say, I don't really understand why it's been so highly praised.

As a film, it had some good points -

- good flying and effects
- great cast, particularly Kate Beckinsale. She was good.
- it avoided unnecessary use of sexual imagery when in fact, the film had plenty of opportunity to include it

If I was to give it an award, I'd give it the "Best Use of Swear Word" award. No swearing at all the whole way through until a key scene and then one word which has so much more impact because you haven't heard it for so long (coming up for 3 hours by then)

but also some bad points -

- I found the accent irritating, particularly from Cate who seemed to swing between Southern American and well pronounced BBC English and a few places in between.
- it's way way way way too long (to quote Adam Duritz). 3 hours? Does anyone need a biopic of 3 hours? It's a bit like someone relaying a conversation they once had and telling you every word when all you really needed was the general gist. There just wasn't enough action for keeping it going for so long and some of it was just so repetitive.
- it has Leonardo Di Sproutface in it. I'm not a fan. And after that, I don't think I ever want to see him again. Ever.

If you want a film about an extremely intelligent man who goes mad, A Beautiful Mind is better.

If you want a film about someone with OCD, As Good As It Gets is better.

I'm glad I've seen it (see - I don't hate it completely) but please don't make me do it again!

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