Friday, January 21, 2005


My head is full of stuff

  • what shall we have for dinner tonight?

  • why do I keep avoiding writing my presentation for my PGCE interview?

  • where did I leave that pink form yesterday?

  • why does the coffee machine man always come at coffee break to restock the machine?

  • how do we, as church, move relevantly into the post-modern and beyond without totally losing sight of our heritage?

  • what's the point of blogging, really?

  • what shall I paint on my new canvasses?

  • what else shall I put in this list?

  • why do I hate filling in appraisal forms so much?

  • is there really any point leaving my moped with its steering locked when this is the first thing people break every time they try to steal it?

    1. um... dunno.
      i'd recommend josh harris' church book but it kinda depends on the issues!

    2. i'm sure there was only one question there when i did that first comment.... you have lots of questions... questions are good.

    3. ...what happened to that review of phantom of the opera that i put here yesterday...



    Sometimes I do go on...