Wednesday, March 09, 2005

hotel rwanda

Image hosted by Hotel Rwanda.... wow! What a brilliant film. Go see it if you can.

It's got all the classic elements of a war action film - even down to the traitor on the inside and yet it's a true story. I love true story films but I've got to admit that the storyline is often more wishy-washy than a fictional film - life's just not Hollywood all the time. But this one isn't like that. So much so that I kept forgetting it was true.

I guess that's like what we did at the time. All this stuff that was going on in Rwanda and we comfortable people in the West just conveniently forgot that it was true. Just like one of the journalist characters said - "people will see this on TV, say 'God that's awful' and then carry on eating their dinner" In that sense, it's a harrowing film - you can't fail to get a "when are they going to do something about this?" feeling as you watch but all the time knowing that actually, no-one did anything about it.


  1. Agree Rach - HR is a film everyone should see, it's hard to believe how uncaring the West was... makes you ashamed on behalf of the governments.

    Did you read my Baptist Times review of HR? It's on my blog if not.

  2. Unfotunately it's difficult to know what to do, even when informed of a situation like that. Some would suggest that there's a chance to prevent a continuing genocidal conflict in Sudan, but again this is up for debate as it's raging.

    Maybe we can do our best to ensure against the scapegoating and persecution of minorities in our own communities, at the very least. A bloodbath is unlikely, but the effects can still be awful and shaming.

  3. It is sad indeed. However I wonder how many who want more action would be happy to see troops being deployed or even go theselves?



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