Wednesday, April 06, 2005

toothless rats and chocolate ice cream

Ratatouille had one of her teeth removed yesterday. Those front teeth that rats are renowned for never stop growing so if they get wonky or anything they stop rubbing each other down and grow really long. She looked a bit like a sabre-toothed rat! The vet was going to make braces for her teeth to bring them back in line but once she was in for surgery yesterday they decided it was growing too fast and the brace would grow off the top before it had a chance to do any good. So they removed it and we now have a toothless rat! She still has the other three, obviously.

Just thought you'd like to know!

In "other news"...

Had a really chilled out evening last night with the lovely Kerenza who is one of the few people crazy enough to read my blog. (Hi Kerenza!) Lots of tea (most of which I managed to throw over my trousers!), thai curry, chocolate ice cream, rats and plenty of catching up. Yay.


  1. Glad u r back from SH... as another one of your strange blog readers. Anyway how was it?
    Hey, while you were away I bumped into Gavin and he showed me an "interesting" photo of you he has on his phone!!

  2. will the 4th tooth grow back?

  3. Hi Sarah,

    No, it won't grow back because they removed the whole thing, root and all. Rat's teeth grow continuously so if they'd left enough for it to grow back then the problem would just return. She's doing fine with her tri-teeth!



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