Monday, June 06, 2005

ba ba bing bing bing bing

Crazy Frog

If you hate him... click on him... you'll be glad you did!


  1. Thanks for that! That frog drives me crazzyyyy!!!!

  2. I got 42 whatever-the-unit-of-measurement-is. Is that good???

  3. Actally, it's almost a relief that Coldplay didn't get to number one. Though it has that dirty feeling that comes with a compromise election where the slightly less worse gets beaten just to teach it a lesson for being so bland!

  4. I got 81! It's very addictive.

  5. PL - because, of course, now this has happened the already very rich, famous and successful Coldplay will learn their lesson, realise their error of their ways and started banging out eight minute tuneless riots.

    I wonder how many more other people's blogs we can fight out this puerile difference of opinion...

    Chris - oh dear, I feel like I've failed. It's like when everyone beat me at that helicopter game, I was at the therapist for months



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