Thursday, June 02, 2005

desperate housewives

Well, they didn't let us down did they?

I'm feeling kinda smug now that my predictions as to where the story was heading were right.

Susan, Zach's hostageSo... Rex has died, believing that Bree killed him, Tom is making Lynette go back to work, Gabrielle is having a baby, Felicia is recovering from the beating Zach gave her, Paul has been abandoned in the middle of nowhere by Mike, a new family have moved in and are hiding something in their house and the unsuspecting Mike has just walked in on a hostage situation in his own home where crazy Zach is holding Susan at gunpoint while he waits for Mike to come back so that he can kill him, not realising that Mike is, in fact, his father.

I do have one question... if the hospital ran so many comprehensive blood tests on Rex, why on earth did they not notice that the medication he was meant to be taking (that had been switched by George, the evil pharmacist) wasn't in his bloodstream?

So... plenty of questions left unanswered ready for the next series then!
- does Zach kill Mike?
- will Lynette go back to work?
- what about the evil Andrew's vendetta against Bree? Things aren't looking too hot for her right now - the doc thinks she poisoned Rex, Danielle was there when she was in no rush to take him to ER, Andrew hates her anyway...
- as for this new family, what's their secret??!!

Bring it on...!

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