Tuesday, June 14, 2005

somerset weekend

Mr and Mrs CollingsLast weekend was spent relaxing with Cathy and Paul in deepest darkest Somerset. Oh alright then, it wasn't so dark. But it was lovely. Ham'n'eggs in the pub, BB6, JML Magic Eraser excitement, Minehead, the West Somerset Railway steam train to Dunster (pictured behind Paul and Cathy), Paul's flat cap sulk, Cathy's new jumper (modelled in the pic), plenty of tea, women's football, lasagne, new fruit pudding thing, music, scrabble, shooting fish, a red mini, Sidmouth, more tea.... fantastic.

Cream tea with wortleberry jam!!And look.... a proper Somerset cream tea with Wortleberry jam. Err... what exactly are wortleberries? Answers on a postcard....

After all that, I met up with grandma, Daphne (my aunt but "aunt" is such a severe word which doesn't suit her at all and it doesn't feel right to say "aunty" now I'm not 6 years old any more), John (Daphne's husband so, officially, my uncle), Jill and Enid in a lovely hotel for lunch - crab, pheasant and fruit salad. Mmmm.

Later, in grandma's garden, I realised I'd never been into that garden before which was weird - she's lived their for years! Then on to Exmouth for a few hours with Daph and John and their friend Chris, drinking their new recipe for ginger rooibosh tea, seeing their boat, walking around the harbour and then to the station for a long old journey back home to London.

Aaahhh, that's what weekends are for!


  1. Thought I'd say Hello whilst on a phone-call! I must say that the scone and cream has made me feel very very hungry- was it yummy?

  2. Wow, I feel quite famous having my picture on here! Glad to hear that your lunch was good in Sidmouth, it did feel a bit random leaving you at that slightly crumbly pink hotel!



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