Tuesday, July 12, 2005


From the makers of Shrek and Shark Tale comes this latest animated film offering, Madagascar. Infinitely better than Shark Tale but nowhere near the heights of Shrek, Madagascar is a fun film to watch, a good use of 88 minutes!

Although the main characters are strong, the plot is relatively weak. Nothing really happens. It's not boring though and the peripheral characters keep the film going and the audience laughing. The monkeys are funny, the lemurs (led by Sascha Baron-Cohen) are very entertaining and the SAS Penguins are genius. I think it was the penguins I laughed at the most.

In a way, this film is like going to the zoo - you come out with your head filled with the animals you've seen, trying to decide which was your favourite etc.

Fab film but it's going to take more than that to knock Shrek off his "King of Animated Feature Films" throne and I think Mr Incredible is next in line anyway.

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