Wednesday, July 06, 2005

zeitgeist and recent good blogs

Time to welcome a new addition to my sidebar... the FlickR Daily Zeitgeist

I saw it on a few other people's blogs and liked it so I got my own. If you store your photos in FlickR, it takes the ones you most recently uploaded and cycles through them in that square patterny thing it's probably doing right now.

So far it only includes my photos of my family and my rats but watch out for photos of friends and happenings coming soon. (note to my friends... the reason you aren't there is cos I don't currently have any photos of you so be prepared to be snapped next time you see me)

Whilst I'm here, time to point out some recent top entries in some of those blogs listed over there:

Sarah's Online Exhibition of her tea set based on the outcomes mutation in humans. Brilliant stuff.
Two good recommendations from Kerenza in Jerusalamb and May the Farm be with you


  1. So that's what you look like... a little furrier than I imagined - oh sorry - that might be rat i'm looking at!

    Anyway - hope you're OK and managed to miss the bombs today? I was 20 mins away from being on the undeground when they went off.

    Horrific stuff.

  2. lovin the rodents - glad to hear you're ok



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