Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Warwick University
As of yesterday, I'm now officially a PGCE student at Warwick Uni.

Student life! Partying all night, leaving all the work to the last minute.... yeah maybe not, more like a constant stream of reading material, lessons to plan and essays to write.

So far so good though...


  1. glad it's going well. i ahven't got too much work yet, though have had 3 3 hour tests in the last 2 days! we now have subject audits and personal learning plans to complete, but it's not too bad. i do ahve two 6,000 word masters assignments, though, but i'm trying not to think about them yet!

    when's your first day in school?

    sarah (of the ickle variety - not signed in as poppde online evry quickly in the uni cybercafe!)

  2. I imagine you'll not make it to the CU (given the excessive demands of the PGCE course...) but if you do... I'm up speaking there in October sometime so we might finally meet :D

  3. in reply to your note on my blog.... actually, i was exaggerating a little about the tests.... they were in 3 hour sessions, but about 45 minutes of that was marking it.... which, thinking about it, was probably worse than the actual test!!

    i did pretty well in maths and science, but there are bits of english i need to brush up on/ learning from scratch... all these homonym/phenome blah blah blah stuff, which i knew i didn't know anyway!!

    sarah :)

    p.s. hope your english test went/goes well!



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