Thursday, September 08, 2005

feels just like it should

Jamiroquai at the NEC - that's where we were last night. I know the pics are all blurs of coloured light but I quite like them anyway so I thought I'd share.

The gig was a goodun. I'm realising more and more lately that artists who have been around for a while put on a much better show than fledgling bands who are still getting used to the limelight. The band were very tight but then when most of the songs are the same it can't be difficult to play them well can it? They did a good mix of old and new, including old favourites like Cosmic Girl and Virtual Insanity and Jay Kay bounced endlessly around the stage in his trademark hat (which looked scarily like it was made from kitchen knives!).

I've never claimed to be Jamiroquai's biggest fan. Not sure I've ever claimed to be a fan at all actually! but it was a good gig and one I'd go to again. Thanks Joel for getting the tickets.

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  1. I like JK! I wouldn't say I'm his biggest fan either but he has some good songs. My dad has a few of his albums!



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