Saturday, September 24, 2005

keeping it in the family

My aunt and uncle came for dinner last night. Don't you think "Aunt" is such an 'old' word? I don't like it. So, from now on I'm just going to refer to them as Sharon and Barry but at least now you know who they both are!

It was great to see them. They moved up here to Coventry a few years ago and provided a great base for us to stay at whilst we were house hunting up here ourselves! Hopefully we'll see more of them now we live so close.

One of the great discoveries of the evening was that they're into blogging too. So... I give you two new entries to my blog list...

  • Sharon

  • My cousin Robin
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    1. i think 'auntie''s a bit nicer than aunt - always sounds so strict!!

      sarah :)

      p.s. passed ICT skills test this morning - off to do literacy and numeracy in a few minutes!



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