Saturday, December 03, 2005


Seen a few films recently...

The Constant Gardener

Beautifully made. Feels quite like The Interpreter in style but nothing like it in content and much better in plot. It's got a very strong political agenda so don't go if you're just after a lighthearted bit of entertainment. Great story though, good characters and cast, good ending... worth seeing.

Shirley Valentine

Yes, an unusual choice I know but I saw it on the shelf and remembered my parents raving about it when it came out. Haven't actually watched it all yet so can't really comment but I think that also shows how much it really mattered to me that I saw it all!


If anyone could explain to me what actually happens in this film, I'd be extremely grateful.

Keeping Mum

Rowan Atkinson is just brilliant - there's something kinda right about him being a vicar! The rest of the cast are great too. This film just had us both laughing out loud all the way through (went with Katherine). This film has got to win "Best Use of Song of Songs in a Film" awards too.


  1. I like your style Rach - TCG was a great film but this week there's only one film you should be thinking about and it's NARNIA!!
    My review is now up over at Darkmatters - it's spoiler free (as if you don't know the plot by now!?). Will be interested in your thoughts.

  2. Swordfish - bomb, gang, plot, hiest, escape, redemption. Easy, it's a paper-thin film! ;)

  3. Looking at it biblically, the first part of this film really made me cringe as i myself am an Elder of a church. Too close to the bone.

    Before any preacher gets up to the pulpit to say one word he must be a 1 Timothy 3 verses 4 and 5 kind of Elder (and all preachers are Elders).



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