Monday, December 12, 2005

we're not heroes, we're from Finchley...

What a weekend! Very busy so I'm going to bore you with the details. Nothing profound, just my weekend news.

Friday night - off to Barry and Sharon's for a fab home-made curry. Great food, nice wine, good company and some quality time with the dog.

Got home to find Anna and Stu in our house (we were expecting them) so drank lots of tea, ate yummy Green&Black's chocolate, talked lots and went to bed far too late.

While the others slept, I was up early Saturday morning to sit my Driving Theory Test in town. Unusually for me I was a little nervous as I hadn't had any time to do any preparation of any sort. I had managed to sit the two online practice tests which hadn't helped as I'd managed to score one less than the minimum pass mark on both occasions. In the end, the test wasn't so bad and I passed. Hurrah.

Bought a frying pan and headed back home for breakfast with Dan and Anna. None of us could be bothered to move so we just sat in the lounge all day. Anna and I did manage to get Naomi's wedding invitations finished which is a great relief.

Stu returned and we hit the pub on the corner of the road for a cheap and cheerful pub meal. Discussed the multitude of ways in which we could dispose of the irritating chirping Christmas birds behind the bar who were movement-activated and shrilled nasty arrangements of Christmas tunes incessantly.

Then to Narnia. Well, actually, to the cinema to see Narnia but you know what I mean. Great film - much more true to the book than the BBC dramatisations which felt a little rushed and certainly fairly dumbed down for a younger audience. A must-see this Christmas.

Sunday morning we were late for church as usual. I'm beginning to think it might be worth us changing every single clock in our house just to make sure we get anywhere on time! Dan was playing and I was doing coffee with Michelle. Managed to flood the kitchen with boiling water TWICE but the insides of the drawers are very clean now.

After church we joined the M1, expecting to sit in long slow queues into the cloud of black smoke that was Hemel Hempstead. We were only going as far as Luton and, as it happened, there was hardly anyone on the road. More yummy home-cooked food, this time my Mum's roast - the usual Sunday lunch but this time in celebration of my other Uncle, Derek's 50th birthday. Ate lots, completed the Telegraph crossword chatted lots...

Then to London, winding down unknown country roads through black smog, to Dan's parents. More tea, more chat, more home-cooked food (fish pizza this time - the best ever) and a few random items to put on ebay, including a programme from a West End musical in the 1930s.

Loooong slow journey back to Coventry up a very foggy M40, a bit of essay writing and a lot of sleep, disturbed only by the open window allowing wind to blow the blind in the bathroom out and push all the bottles off the windowsill and into the bath.

See.... I told you it was dull!

(P.S. if you're wondering, the quote in the title is from the Narnia film)


  1. SOunds like you had a fun and mad weekend. Missing you's. Love ya x x x

  2. Theer was a big laugh in the cinema when Susan mentioned Finchley. I was wondering whether they have changed it for release in America - the Finchley reference will surely be lost on anyone outside the UK??

  3. Love the picture of Barry! How funny!



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