Thursday, February 02, 2006

all things unfinished

Just looking around my house, I'm not very good at finishing things.

I guess this only half-counts as its such an ongoing job but it does feel like I never finish it.

I decided back in September that I should start to relearn to play the piano. In some ways its one of those "riding a bike" things that you never really forget but my standard has slipped quite a bit and it wasn't all that high to begin with. I bought some music that I want to play (Michael Nyman, what else?) which helps but will I ever master it?

IKEA furniture
Following today's trip to home-improvement hell with Katherine, I now have piles of cheap pre-drilled wood around my house waiting to be constructed. Did we need more furniture? Not really but it's a (probably vain) attempt to maintain an illusion of tidiness in the house.

I have SO many books I want to read and have started way too many recently. Currently on my "in progress" list are:
  • In A Strange Land by Mary Bolster

  • His Dark Materials Trilogy by Philip Pullman

  • various books and articles I should be reading for my course

  • The Bible - still haven't read it all and I want to.

  • Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge - haven't got this but do want to read it

  • Naomi and Ben's Wedding Stationery
    23 days and counting to the BIG day. I've got some sticking to do!

    This is my latest knitting project - I cut carrier bags up into strips and have knitted it into this bag. Just need to knit and fix the handle and trim the ends a bit. This project is in severe danger of actually getting finished!


    1. Can I just say, that I am totally with you on this! Am sooo bad at finishing things also- bedroom's a tip (also following an Ikea trip for bed, but at least it's made, I'm sleeping in it, and it is a haven to hide a proportion of said mess under), there are 4 half-finished books by my bed and stacks of others attempting to hide themselves surreptitiously around the house, have promised to make wedding cards for several people and am presently failing, bought a pile of new flute music to learn before Christmas and not even touched it, got my complete language guide for learning Greek at Christmas as what I've learnt so far on-line is hard to maintain(not touched) and that's not even including the compositions I promised myself I would write, before I become a Primary teacher with no time!
      By the way, am loving the wedding stationary- such a great idea to reuse things like rose petals (by the way I'm having drying mine without them shrivelling and going brown- how do you do it?) and the bag is utter urban chic!
      (ooops, sorry, waffled loads, but you know I'm with you on this!!!!)

    2. I am very interested in knitting carrier bags! The ultimate in recycling



    Sometimes I do go on...