Tuesday, February 14, 2006

love is cubed

Every year, people ask what Dan and I are doing for St Valentine's Day (which appears to have lost the "St" bit in most cases these days) and they get my usual "Oh we don't really 'do' Valentine's Day" answer.

Last year, Dan took my by surprise and filled the lounge with tulips (my favourite flower), even buying new vases to hold them all, and had a yummy dinner cooked and ready for when I arrived home from teaching. Unfortunately, I ruined the plan due to my consistent inability to start the moped and had to call Dan to drive across and sort it out. That aside though, it was a lovely surprise when I did get home and I had to eat my words the day after.

This year I reverted to the standard response and assured everyone we weren't doing Valentine's stuff. Dan's even got a rehearsal tonight so I was fairly sure nothing was planned. Even so, I did manage a few little romantic touches myself, stringing up a line of reasons why I love Dan across the bathroom for him to find when he got in and then pinning some flexible light strips to a board to spell "I love you" (see pic below) which I left flashing in the dark bedroom for when he got out of the shower.

And once again, he's surpassed my feeble efforts. His words to me when he came home were "I've bought something else on eBay". Words which usually strike dread in my heart... how much money and do we really need any more bass effects pedals in the house? But I followed him into the bedroom to see what it was anyway, preparing myself for having to feign interest in the latest bass gizmo or whatever it was.

Turns out, his latest purchase was actually a present for me. It was one of these:
Q-Be, the smallest MP3 player ever It's a Q-Be, 1 Gig MP3 player in a red (that's important) 24mm cube. Since Stu bought us an iPod for Christmas, we'd been talking about me getting a small MP3 player just to take a few tracks and a bit of the audio Bible around with me (given that "our" iPod is, in reality, Dan's). Nothing flash, just a cheapy one. We'd seen these tiny cubes in a shop and fallen for them straightaway - it's a 1" cube, how could we not? But we hadn't (or at least I didn't think we had) considered actually getting one!

All I need now is normal shaped ears. But that's another story.

I love my husband


  1. Mr Valentine was de-saint-ed (I forget the proper word) I think... Hence the lack of "St"...


  2. He is still a saint, but the man lost his day (which was the 14th of course) on the grounds that nobody knows anything for sure about him, and he may not have ever existed.

    More likely, I think the 'St.' is just dropped out of laziness rather than a conscious omission.

    Catholic Online lists all of nine St Valentines, several of which are probably the same one. It also gives you ten saints to honour on February 14th, so how's about a different one next year? St. Nostrianus seems a good candidate to me. Let's spend the day berating Arianism and Pelagianism!

  3. I understand changing shape of ears!! I had to go and buy the earphones that clip behind the ears and even they sometimes don't sit right.

    I guess superglue is a bit extreme?



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