Thursday, February 23, 2006

old style teaching

Here's what I wore to school today.
Its OK, I haven't gone mad, we had a Tudor Day at school today and the people who ran it provided these for the class teacher and I to wear. So yeah, all day I've been smelling of the sweat of all the teachers, TAs and other unfortunate adults who have worn the thing before me. Joy of joys!
Good day though - it's pretty scary seeing 32 10 year olds with 8ft pikes charging the length of a hall towards you, roaring. Not nearly as scary as when the guy who was leading the day loaded his musket with gunpowder, marched out across the playground to fire it and then turned back and faced us and the school before he pulled the trigger...*

(*No pupils were harmed during the making of this blog)

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  1. looks like lots of fun!

    just had a bit of a catch up on your blog.... things seem to be good!

    my first placement went really well, and i'm off on 2nd placement a week on wednesday. can you believe we'll be qualified in 4 months?! amazing!

    any jobs up in your neck of the woods yet? there're none down here, but i'm not too worried - it's still very early. i know there will be 2 going in my 1st placement school, as on my last day my mentor and her fiancé handed in their notice! :)

    hope everything continues to be good :)

    sarah xx



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