Monday, May 08, 2006

forward thinking?

We got on to chatting about how God speaks to us at house group the other day. Very interesting as usual.

One of the things that came up made me think a bit. Seeing as that's so unusual (me thinking that is!) I thought I'd share it.

When we get prophetic words these days, we have a really "here and now" attitude to it. It's usually assumed to be 'for someone in the room' or at least relevant to a current situation. And generally, they get a bit dropped or forgotten if it doesn't apply to anyone/anything. And yet the Bible is full of prophecies and stuff that waited hundreds of years to be fulfilled.

I get that its different cos loads of those prophecies were about Jesus and so kinda fall into a different category and all that. But I'm also not sure I believe that since then, God only talks about the here and now.

Why are we so impatient?

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