Saturday, June 03, 2006

covered in beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees

...well, not quite covered. But we've got a few.

We've got bees nesting in our cupboard in the garden. When I say "cupboard" it's the bit of the house that used to be the outside toilet but isn't anymore. The lawnmower lives there. With the bees. There's a gap in the brickwork where they are flying in and out.

Further up the building, there's another gap just under the roof where some bees are also flying in and out. I don't know whether this is an alternative entrance to the first nest or an additional nest? This one is more "in" our house in that they are flying into the roof of the bit of the cupboard that you can get to from our kitchen - where we keep the washing machine and stuff.

You can't actually see the nests from inside the cupboards so I assume they are inside the walls/ceiling somewhere? Should we be bothered? I mean, they aren't bothering us, they're not getting into our house...?

(Incidentally, this rather nice bee photograph (see it here larger) isn't one of our residents. It's a google find and it was taken by a man called William Connolley who seems to know an awful lot about bees.)


  1. Bees are Ok I think, it's wasps that are not. You are supposed to talk to bees and let them know what is going on in your life though!

  2. I'm not sure - if I do that, my neighbours will think I'm totally crazy, standing in the garden sharing my deepest darkest secrets with the outdoor toilet!

  3. I've spoken to my Grandad who's a bee-keeper. He asked if they are bumble bees (Furry and roundish bodies)? Honey bees are more slender and wasp-like. If they aren't bothering you, he says you should probably just leave them there, they'll be happy. And by September if they are bumble bees they'll probably die out anyway. (He thinks they sound more like Bumbles?)

    As to talking to the toilet- that's not crazy, it's eccentricity dahling! I'd do it! Young at Heart is right about the bees, they like being talked to (as do my Mum's potplants and catcti apparently!)



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