Monday, October 02, 2006

this crazy world

We've been living in the midlands for a year now and I still haven't learnt the language.

This morning was no exception - I watched 24 6 year olds thinking of words to rhyme with LOOK

Since when did "stuck" rhyme with "look"? It does up here!

Highlight of today was sending a few kids outside to tidy our patio area. B got into clearing out the boxes full of toys which were also full of leaves and rainwater. A few minutes later he came rushing back in yelling "frog! frog!" A large frog had taken up residence in one of our toyboxes. He was too fast for me, although thankfully most of the kids got to see him before he made his escape. Had I managed to catch him, he would have filled my palm. He was HUGE!


  1. I spent my kids youth pretending I LOVED frogs, when really I hated the slimy little beasts (Frogs not the kids of course)

  2. I hope you don't get further north, because then it gets even weirder: stuck doesn't rhyme with look, because look rhymes with fluke

  3. wow, the frog sounds impressive!

    btw, i have a job - after xmas i'm teaching year 5 in my local juniors - a 5 minute walk away from our house. very glad i waited for the perfect job. til then i'm being kept very busy with supply work.... roll on half term!!


  4. I once did an internet search for words rhyming with 'girl'. Couldn't work out why on earth 'squirrel' kept coming up - until I moved to America!!!



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