Monday, November 20, 2006


About 3 years ago I did a bit of basic silversmithing at a workshop run by Infinite Beads. I've done it there a couple of times since and have always wanted to get a bit more into it. It's surprisingly easier than you'd think, and very satisfying to hold a shiny silver ring (or rat as I made most recently!) in your hand and know that you made it.

So this year I asked for silversmithing equipment for my birthday. Friends and family, not really knowing what to get, gave me money (thank you!!) which means I now have the exciting task of finding what I need (yep, I don't know either!) and setting myself up.

I already have a blowtorch (a culinary one but what's the difference?) and some suitable pliers.

This weekend I found a few of the first bits I'll need. It's very exciting - soon I'll be able to make silver things all year round, not just August Bank Holiday!

Thanks to ebay I am now (almost) the proud owner of a set of 10 needle files in various shapes and this lovely ring stick and sizers set. So... what else do I need?


  1. can't read what's behind the pic

  2. Yeah I tried (unsuccessfully to resize it). Should be OK now. Refresh (F5) if it isn't to reset your cache.



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