Wednesday, December 27, 2006

the final countdown

Just 726 days after the gauntlet was thrown down, Jude is nearing the end of The Challenge.

98 books down, only 2 more to go. What will they be?

(Actually, I'm kinda hoping she'll keep adding...)


  1. I'm dithering! I know Windows to the SOuld is one of them, but can't decide on the other. Its a choice between Northern Lights (partly because I feel I should have a Pullman in there), a biography of LBJ (which helps with the NF count), or a really short read like an Agatha Christie.. shoudl I put it to teh vote?

  2. Happy Christmas and all that Jazz... Sorry I missed you guys on the 27th. Had to work I'm afraid. Hope you and Dan are well, and we should all try and meet up soon.




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