Wednesday, January 17, 2007

a big "o" postmortem

Marc commented:

What do you think the politics of blogging about the big O is?

will they read your post and swoop down on you for the whole day today, I wonder?



So... in reply...

I'm not naive enough to believe that those who have reached the dizzy heights of "Them" have the time or inclination to search out such insignificant blogs such as this, that of a small-time staff member at the latest in a long list of schools they'll be visiting. Nor am I superstitious enough to think that blogging would make any difference any other way.

And, as it turns out, I was right. Another day passed and I saw neither hide nor hair of anything even vaguely resembling one of "Them". Flippin annoying it was too - I taught some darn good lessons today. Where were they during my shiningly exemplary numeracy hour in which I tackled the oft sidelined matter of problem solving for 5 year olds?

Other staff consider those of us who were "passed over" (three of us that I've talked to so far) lucky - we have avoided the scrutiny of "Them". From our perspective though, it's somewhat disappointing. We put in the hours, the work, the extra preparation but have had no recognition for it - not even a head round the door.

I've yet to hear the feedback. Initial speculations are that it is largely positive, at least positive enough for us not to all have to reapply for our jobs once the local authority have chosen a new name for our school. Tomorrow will tell.

So... in conclusion. The big "O" was, unfortunately, something of an anticlimax. A disappointing nothingness. Oh well - four years to the next one (unless I change schools before then?)

And just for those of you who have not yet worked it out... the big "O" is Ofsted. What else?

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