Tuesday, February 20, 2007

who shall i be next week?

Next Thursday, 1st March, is World Book Day. We're celebrating at school by having Once Upon A Time week, a whole week focussed on books and stories. In KS1 we're going to be making puppets and puppet theatres and using them to tell our favourite stories. It's all very exciting (although if someone could maybe just explain to me why a book-focussed week means that we have to cancel all literacy lessons for the week I'd be grateful...?)

Anyway, on the day itself everyone is invited to come to school dressed as their favourite book character. I'm stumped. Any ideas? It's got to be something I can wear comfortably all day, and teach in too. Relatively simple in that I've only got a week or so to get it together. It also needs to be a character that 5-7 year olds will recognise.


  1. I did that at school a few years ago, much to my dislike as I absolutely hate dressing up, I went as Mildred Hubble - the worst witch. I wore a witch like dressing gown, long black skirt and boots, and a witches hat oh and also a badge I made with The WOrst Witch written on incase anyone got confused!

  2. The boy from the Snowman (pajamas), Alice from Alice in wonderland (blue dress, white apron, and blue headband), Paper bag princess (make a brown paper dress to go over usual clothes with a tiara), Harry Potter (black cassock, City University scarf, glasses and eye-liner drawn scar), Rapunzel (dress with fake long hair?)...?



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