Wednesday, April 18, 2007

silly questions aplenty

This one isn't silly so much as kinda cute.

In class 6 we spent yesterday making paper mache balloons (they are going to be globes), talking about keeping safe and doing outdoor PE. What a day!!

Anyway, somewhere in the midst of the morning's sea of runny glue, ripped up newspaper and excited children, "A" came to me and asked...

"Mrs Warwick, when these are finished and we take them home, can we just scrape off all the stuff, clean it up and use the balloon?"


  1. Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant.. surely a kid who rips oopen their pressie to play with teh box they came in!

  2. One of my dad's favourite stories about us is that he and mum eventually had to make a wendy house out of this box that we'd fallen in love with.

    To be fair, from his description, it does sound pretty cool.....



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