Wednesday, April 11, 2007

smoke me a kipper...

Have attempted to write a post about Spring Harvest several times and have abandoned each version. So here are some words. Arrange them into a sensible post yourself.

Butlins (aka Tacky Town), chalet, duvet, wristband, tea, people, Christian t-shirts, Christian celebrities, big top, too much cheese, percussion master, Harvest Springers, mini 1s, nappies, lots of poo, glitter, ball pool, toasties, coffee, flumes, cards, worship, freedom, cake, wine, pub, iScape, washing machine, balloons, big smiles, tired.


  1. I am a very "visual" learner. That post actually worked really well. It conjured up loads of great images. Think I might try that myself instead of my usual 3 page ramblings!

  2. Here is my attempt at ordering your words -

    you sit in a butlins (aka Tacky Town) chalet with a flourescent wrist band and sipping tea with people in christian t-shirts. Or sit in a coffee shop with a cheese toastie christian celebraty spotting the speakers from that evenings big top.Lots of people with big tired smiles enjoying glitter balls, flumes, experiencing freedom worship at iScape.... and what happens with lots of poo and nappies in harvest springers is left to the imagination.




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