Friday, May 16, 2008

rach in london!

Hey team

I'm finally back in London - landed at about 7am this morning. I was only in Durban for 17 days but it felt like much much longer (in a good way!)

Prayer Team
In terms of setting up for the prayer team, I got quite a bit done - found somewhere for us to stay (as you know), priced up car hire and food and stuff, picked up one or two bits we'll need for our accommodation etc so all in all quite productive. There are still a few people who are considering joining the team so do pray for wisdom, guidance, decisiveness and cheap flights for them!

Prayer Walk
The prayer walk is coming together well. I didn't manage to meet with all of the churches on the list so there are still some areas which need sorting out. Some of that I'll do by email and phone from here and some of it is in the diary for the first week of July when I get back to Durban. The basic framework is there though and I'm very excited.

Prayer Stuff
So.... 6 weeks back in London and then I'll be returning to Durban. If you're up for praying, there's still loads going on.
- pray for all 90 delegates and the team as they prepare to go
- pray for the 10 projects which will be receiving the delegates, these include township creches, city centre homeless feeding programmes, schools and lots more
- pray for protection over travel arrangements and safe travel for all
- pray for the prayer team (confirmed and potential!), again for safety and protection and that we'll fill our timetable gaps with the right things.

Thanks for all your prayers, support and messages over the last couple of weeks. It's been great knowing you guys were all part of this too.

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