Wednesday, June 25, 2008

autoblogging for durban prayer

Over the next 7 weeks, I'm going to be in Durban, working with the prayer team for Soul In The City Durban 2008

There'll be loads going on and plenty to pray for. Durban is a tough and varied city and we'll be getting involved, alongside the delegates, in all sorts of ways and all sorts of areas.

As such, it'd be fantastic to know that you, my friends back at home (and further afield!), were praying for me, the prayer team, the delegates and the people we'll be serving while we're there.

I'm going to set up this blog to post an automatic prayer request every day. These will be pre-written so won't necessarily correspond directly to what's happening on the ground in Durban. They'll still be relevant though and we greatly value your support. Watch out for the first post, appearing at about 3pm on 2nd July...

If you want to keep in touch with more current updates, look for Rachel in Durban on Facebook or post a reply on the Grassroots Durban prayerblog to get updates emailed to you as they are published. I can't guarantee it'll be every day but I'll send updates as often as I can.

Thanks for praying.


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