Saturday, August 02, 2008

durban prayer autoblog 32

Prayer walk day 1!! We start the prayer walking today - with the first leg of the walk. In case you haven't heard this before now, we're going to be walking a cross shape over the city of Durban, stopping at various churches along the way to pray with and for them.

Today, we will start at the Vineyard church and finish up at a Methodist church in Berea, stopping at several other churches on the way. It's not a long walk - only about 10km with plenty of hills to climb!

Thank God for...
- Durban
- the churches and communities we will walk in, through and past today

Please pray for...
- us as we seek to hear from God for this city whilst we pray
- the places we will walk and the churches we will stop at. Significant in themselves, but even more so because they represent a huge number of other churches and communities in Durban because it is just too big for us to do it all.

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