Tuesday, February 03, 2009

chennai 09 - the homecoming

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Well, the musician has got out his bugle once more and the last post is being played again.

We got to the airport on good time and bacuase of Phils magnificent good looks and fabulous Amercian Airways Premium Flyer card we were all upgraded to business class - yippee! Thats worth £22K just in case you are wondering.

So, while we thought that our Father was just blessing us, that fact was that when Buffy started being repeatedly sick during the flight and when the plane was diverted to first Copenhagen, then Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Birmingham and finally touching down at the East Midland Airport Adventure Land of Deep Joy with long looong waits, we realised that he had gone ahead of us to prepare the way. He knew we needed the sleep and the space.

Personally, i did not need the spiced Tiger Prawns with boiled potatoes that are still stinging me as I sit here, but the rest was fabulous.

So, to cut a long story short here we are in a rather lovely hotel in Hinckley (a town of 43,246 in the county of Leicestershire administered by Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council) hoping that the snow stays away tonight and BA can persuade some gallant coach drivers to get us down to Heathrow before lunch tomorrow - failing that sometime before Chjristmas might be nice

Buffy is better, God is goods and we are learning a great deal from our discussions and I am learning that the free wireless is pants.

Thank you all so much for you concern. A couple of families involved in this trip have been going through very difficult times back in Blighty this week but today it all seems to have lifted. Now, if only the weather would do the same so we can get home and be re-united.


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