Saturday, March 28, 2009

blog silence?

... can only mean I'm making noise elsewhere!

The lack of postings here is directly related to the undeniable fact that I've been sucked into the phenomenon that is Twitter.

It's been a while but the reason I'm posting this here today is that, as well as personal banal twitterings, we've been using Twitter as a communication vehicle for the pray for London network.

And this week, as I'm sure you've noticed, is a BIG week for London, with the G20 summit taking place right here on our doorstep. Huge issues are being discussed - the current economic situation, climate change... mind blowingly massive decisions need to be made, on a scale that makes me glad I'm not one of the 20. BUT... we need to remember that those at the G20 summit are there as representatives of all of us and, as such, we have a responsibility to stand with them in prayer, asking God to give them wisdom, perspective and courage as they make decisions with global impact.

Micah Challenge are running a 7-day prayer guide for this week, with short simple things to think about and pray as the summit takes place. It's well worth a read - why not download it and stick it in your toilet for daily reading?

If that's not your way, we'll be tweeting the prayer guide through @PrayForLondon on Twitter so sign up, follow us and get praying!

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