Saturday, October 03, 2009

catching up

I'm well aware that I haven't blogged for months. And that it's almost certainly true that nobody reads this so that doesn't matter much anyway. In fact, there's been loads I could have blogged about in that time. I've written so many posts (or part-posts) and then deleted them. Somehow they just didn't feel right. Hence the silence.

I should blog that I left my job at St James Clerkenwell and now work 4 days a week running breathe (a spirituality resource for 16-19 year olds) and 1 day a week on Orison (creative prayer spaces in schools) and that it's great.

I should blog that Orison spent 3 weeks at Soul Survivor hosting a prayer space in the Toolshed and having conversations with hundreds of people just bursting with potential for where prayer spaces could happen across the UK (and beyond) in the next year or so.

I should blog that we've moved house twice since May. And that our new flat is lovely, albeit full of boxes of stuff all piled in the wrong places at the moment. Or that my new job (the breathe one) involves working in an office back at LCET which is a fab schoolswork organisation in Luton where I did my year out, and that that means I work with an amazing team of awesome people who never cease to amaze, inspire and encourage me.

I should blog about how leaving St James Clerkenwell was really quite hard, but all part of God's plan for me and for them so the right thing to do (and how that was confirmed by God speaking to me through some amazing people and, among other things, a Mike & the Mechanics song!).

I even missed blogging our 7th wedding anniversary, and another chance to blog about how I'm married to the most fantastic husband ever. I think we've laughed together more this year than ever before. And whilst we're on the subject of husband, I could have blogged that he had his dreads cut off and has returned to his short hair which was a surprise... but a good one!

I could blog about 2 weekends away with some lovely lovely friends. Or numerous times spent with our super-cute goddaughter and her parents.

I could blog about how we've rejoined a church we used to be part of a few years ago and how lovely it is to be back in the family again. And also about how we're exploring other ways of being church and what all that means.

See? So much I could have blogged about. Maybe it would have been boring? Maybe it's good that I didn't? I don't know. It's certainly been an unbelievably amazing few months round here. I just couldn't find the words to blog it. Sorry.


  1. I read it Rach! Actually, that's not true, I read it this once.

    Great video btw. I want Orison to come to my school! x

  2. Was worth the wait! I kept checking in hope that you would blog! You are of course, my original inspiration for many things! And am really pleased that things are doing well! I loved the Orison website and posts by the way! Looks fantastic!
    Would be lovely to see you at some point!



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