Sunday, October 09, 2011

plural marriages?

Here's another blog I wish I'd written, to add to my list on the sidebar. I quite enjoy reading C Jane's blog. She's honest and funny and seems pretty normal - all good things! But this particular post is one I wish I'd written. It's a sentiment I've expressed a fair few times myself, albeit not so eloquently as this. I'm not a Mormon, so my angle on it might have been a little different, but the point is the same.

I'd summarise it here, but it's not that long and so well written that there's not much point rewriting it. You might as well just read it. So here it is: My Plural Marriage; An Ode To Steve Jobs by C Jane Kendrick.

If that link takes you to CJK's website but not to the actual blogpost, try copying this into your address bar:

Failing that, google "cjanekendrick plural marriage"

And if you're not convinced by the blog itself, it's worth viewing just for that last photograph...

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