Friday, January 25, 2013

five minute friday: again

The trouble with writing a Five Minute Friday post a few days late is that before you know it, it's Friday again, back with another word and another five minutes. If you're wondering what Five Minute Friday is, there's more info at the end of this post. But for now...

I think I have it sussed.

How life is. How it's different from some of the dreams I might've had. How I feel about it and what I'm going to do about it.

Some things are difficult - there's ways through them and ways around them.

And then some things are great. To be celebrated, although often forgotten, taken for granted. Moments of brilliance. Of blessings.

On the worst days, the difficult things take the shine off the brilliant things. Those days are rare. I'm grateful for that too.

And on some days, the amazing things make the impossible seem possible. There's a way through. Stop ignoring or going round.

This week had one of those days. A towering impossible appeared to have a crack. Just the tiniest glimmer of light. Inviting. Possible.

Step towards it. Nothing. Darkness and a reminder that I'd labelled it IMPOSSIBLE for a reason. There are no words for those moments. Nothing adequate anyway. But one rings in the emptiness.


My "Again" is a question. To myself - did you really let yourself get here again? To God - do we really have to do this again?

God's "Again" is an encouragement. Like the parent teaching the toddler to walk.Set back on it's feet. Again. Try again.

Again. It's all about hope.

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  1. I had no clue where to begin on writing my 5 Min post. SO I just went with the flow. I turned on some music, and let the Holy spirit fill me with something.

    I LOVE how you used the word again. Gods again is indeed that, a parents encouragement. God is just the Awesome, He never gets tired of us, he will always be there top offer more and more encouragement.

    Great Post!

  2. funny... or not so funny... how we find ourselves in those places again and again and again.

    love how you brought it all back to hope!

  3. Yes, so true. God's version of it is the encouraging!x



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