Thursday, February 28, 2013

two kisses for maddy

Two Kisses For Maddy: a memoir of loss & love
by Matt Logelin

I was given this book for Christmas but in fact I've been reading Matt & Maddy's story for a lot longer. I discovered Matt's blog a couple of years ago, I think through Liz Clutterbuck? I love Matt's writing style on his blog - all lowercase, just a few words on each line. It makes me read rather than skim, I take more in, feel more, experience more.

For example, this from Matt about What Happened.

the day finally came


madeline was born via c-section.

everyone was happy

and healthy.

liz was told

to hang out in bed

for another 24 hours

and then she was going to

see madeline.

she waited patiently

hearing stories

and seeing photos

of me

feeding and changing

madeline’s diapers.

(she was soooo jealous and i teased her mercilessly that i was 1, 2, 3 diapers ahead of
her and that she had to catch up).

24 hours came

and she got ready

to lay her hands

on madeline

for the very



she got up from bed

(with the help of some nurses and me).

we joked about her new-found independence.

i told her that she

had to start waiting on me

because i’d been waiting on her

for 5 weeks.

she laughed,

and said,

“of course.”

she walked to the mirror

and said,

“my hair looks like shit.”

we all laughed

(because her hair looked great, especially for someone who’d been on bed rest for 5

the nurse said,

“are you ready to go?”

she said,


her excitement

was overflowing.

she turned around

to sit in her wheelchair

for her ride to see


she said,

“i feel lightheaded”

and then she passed out.

we got her in to

her hospital bed.

doctors and nurses

rushed to help her.

but nothing could be done

to bring her


no one to blame.

shitty luck


a pulmonary embolism

are what led us to

the saddest,

most horrific moment

of my life.

(and many other people’s lives).

The book is compelling, sometimes in spite of its subject material being so unimaginably awful. And at other times by Matt's humour and gritty determination to be the best parent his daughter could ever need.

Read it to understand - nobody imagines that their spouse will die so soon after the birth of their child. Nobody could possibly be prepared.

Read it to be inspired - Matt's experiences prove that with purpose and determination we can survive even the most horrific unexpected events.

Read it to remind you to love those around you well.

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