Friday, March 08, 2013

every day women

I am a woman every day.
Today is no different.

We differ from men, physically, emotionally, maybe even spirituality.
But let's be honest, most of us aren't the same as the next woman either.

Invite us to speak at your events because we have something to say,
Not because we maintain gender balance on your programme.

Give us jobs when we are the best candidates at application or interview
Not because you need another woman on your staff list.

And yes, let's campaign for an end to violence towards women, worldwide.
But violence towards men must stop too.
About a quarter of domestic violence cases in the uk involve a male victim.

I'll campaign for the education of women worldwide.
Teach, train and invest in girls in every community.
And the boys too.

I am grateful for the many women in my life
who have inspired me
and many men too, who have demonstrated life's possibilities, ways of living, depths of faith.

In Christ there is no male or female
so let us celebrate one another
value one another
enjoy the differences
relax in the similarities
support each other with our gifts and strengths
and allow ourselves to be supported by the strengths of those around us
stand against violence and injustice towards all people
prioritise education for entire communities

Because we are women every day.
And what defines who we are is so much more than that.

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