Friday, June 28, 2013

five minute friday: in between

In Between

in betweenLots of things are changing at the moment. Decisions I made a while ago are beginning to come to pass. Reality hits. I'll blog in more detail on some of that soon (when it's not Friday and I've got longer than 5 minutes!)

So my "in between" at the moment is the space between the end of one thing and the beginning of the next.

I had some ideas regarding what might be the next thing. Safety nets, I suppose. Things which, even though they weren't definite yet, were possibilities which made deciding to end things feel safe and OK.

I can jump because there's a safety net for me to land in.

Now, having jumped, the safety nets I had planned for seem a little less secure. Gone, or perhaps not fixed. And who wants to land in a safety net that isn't attached to anything?

So I find myself in the in between. Freefall.

I know the jump was right.

But now I also know that my safety nets were flimsy. Unreliable.

So I fall. Not knowing where I'm going to land. But grateful that there's a safety net that covers not just the in between, but the endings and the beginnings too. And where better place to land than in God's love?

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  1. "Now, having jumped, the safety nets I had planned for seem a little less secure." That's so true. That is how I feel after big decisions too. They are exhilarating and frightening. Best of luck to you as you free fall! May you have peace in the midst of the scary.

    Hopping over from FMF.

  2. It's in the freefall that He's holding us and pruning us to be more like His son. I've been in freefall many of times - I feel you, sister. ;)

  3. Very well written! God will be with you in this transition!x



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