Wednesday, August 14, 2013

the world tonight

What initially appeared to be a quiet August has turned out to be a high-speed rollercoaster of crazy excitingness, with huge things happening at work (both old jobs and new), with Lunch, our home and our music making. It's probably several blog-posts worth of material so I'll update you in chunks. First... Lunch

Lunch is in its third summer now, with 21 Lunch Kitchens across the country serving meals to children in their communities who'll be missing the provision of Free School Meals over the summer break. Exciting stuff. Over the past few months, the media have been talking more and more about child poverty and related issues across the UK, including the holiday hunger gap.

So at the end of July, Beth McLeod from BBC Radio 4, The World Tonight, visited one of the Lunch Kitchens to see what's going on. The piece is fantastic, highlighting the situation and what we're doing
to help.

Raising awareness is a really important part of what we do - the more people that are thinking about this, the more people there are who might help. It was broadcast on The World Tonight yesterday evening and you can hear it again here.

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  1. That's fantastic Rachel!!!!!! Can't wait to hear the other news too!!!



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