Wednesday, January 29, 2014

five minute friday: visit

fem minutters fredag​​: besøk*


I've just spent 90 minutes on the phone to a friend.

For many people that's not so remarkable. In fact, for teenage girls that's probably a short call. But it's unusual for me - I prefer email or text or even FB chat for catching up with people. I gave up on voice calls ages ago. Never a conscious decision, they just slipped away. These days if my phone rings, it's probably my mum.

But today was about catching up with a friend who moved away last year. We used to live a few minutes apart. Today a quick "visit" would take over 10 hours travel there and back. I miss our regular times of chatting, laughing, sharing and praying. The travel was easy and the company was too.

A phone call will never be the same as an evening on the sofa but actually, after the conversation, I really do feel like she visited. I'm grateful for my friend and I'm inspired by all she's up to.

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* Last time I did FMF I had just had an influx of Latvian visitors to the blog. This week I have had 85 visitors from Norway. So the title is in Norwegian. Velkommen. 

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  1. I've always enjoyed long talks on my landline. Until we had our honeymoon followed by moving house, followed by no phone line for a month and half and somehow, I have got out of the habit. I do keep meaning to get back to it- so far, managed to do a few family calls over the last couple of weeks, now need to do the same for friends.x



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