Friday, November 12, 2004

Alternative uses

There are strange perks to being an agency driver, as Dan is. People give you free stuff sometimes like bottles of water, inflatable Heineken and a Fosters surfboard. And pants. Dan's latest acquisition is six pairs of John Smith's green and orange Top Bombing pants.

Like these:

Not wanting to be wasteful, I have used a pair in the rat cage where they are currently serving admirably as a hammock:

(modelled for you here by Ratatouille. Fur - model's own)

So that's 1 pair down. We also gave a pair to Stu on Saturday who wins muchos points for wearing them (visibly!) on Sunday. No photos available unfortunately.

4 pairs to go... any suggestions? Best suggestion wins a pair...


  1. Are my eyes funny? The pants don't look like green and orange pants.

    I think that sewing them together to make a christmas tree decoration would be a good way to put them out of use...

    take care.
    love ken.

  2. They are most definitely green and orange! It's the photo that doesn't do them justice but then you can't expect much from a camera phone pic can you?

  3. I think you ought to sew a pair into a nice handbag!!!!! :D

    Comment left by Rosie your neopet's buddy! :D

  4. hey
    i once made a giant pair of y fronts into a rather attractive (?) top



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