Monday, November 15, 2004

Two heads?

A 2 headed tortoise.Weird eh?

So 2 heads are meant to be better than one. Only if you've got 2 bodies I reckon. I have enough trouble keeping things straight in one head, let alone having to make sure that my left head always agreed with my right head.



  1. Probably easier for tortoises.. they don't have hair.. hmm bad hair day on Two heads... now thats a bummer

  2. Oh i heard about this - the heads are separate but everything goes into the one stomach - when I heard this story on the radio had a weird flashback of the 2 headed man who was in the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy telly prog. One head was real and one was a really bad papier mache sort of thing

  3. rach-I will be at bernie and debs wedding too -hoorah!-what do you look like?



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