Wednesday, February 16, 2005

canned laughter

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Last night we went to the Drill Hall in London to watch the recording of a show for Radio 4 - Mitch Benn's Crimes Against Music.

Mitch is a musical genius and very funny too. Robin Ince and Alfie Joey who were with him were also funny and his girl-band, The Distractions, weren't bad either. We did feel a bit like we didn't watch enough Star Trek to get some of the jokes there and felt a bit out of place amongst the die-hard Mitch Benn fan club too.

Watching comedy being recorded is hard work - if the jokes are funny you laugh at them first time but then they stuff up so they do it all again for the recording and you have to laugh again as though it was the first time you ever heard it in your life and it's the funniest thing you ever heard. And if they aren't funny, well, you have to laugh at them then too, first, second, third time...

Click on over to Ben Bell's blog (listed as Ben in my blog list on the right) - see the resemblance between Ben and Mitch...?

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