Monday, February 14, 2005

I Am 5

Went to the 24-7 Prayer 5th birthday celebrations on Saturday. Fantastic! So many people kept saying thingslike "we wanted to do a month of prayer but just did 2 weeks because we weren't sure if we could cope with a whole month. At the end of the fortnight we didn't want to stop. That was last year and we're still going" and stuff like that. It was amazing to hear about all the things that God is doing through 24-7 across the world.

It was also Jude's commissioning service - she's working for 24-7 now, setting up a boiler room in the City of London. They crowd surfed her into the middle and then washed her feet. They also said lots of very honouring nice things about her which is good because its all true. Gonna be exciting in the City from now on....


  1. Rachie, I was there too!!!

    It was fanasic except for me dosing off to sleep about 2ish I think. I can't remember now but I know I was very tired because of me not having any sleep the night before (OPPS) but never mind.

    Catch you later young mam :P

  2. bless you. You are very kind!



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