Tuesday, February 15, 2005

moped is not my friend any more

Every week, on Monday, Dan brings the moped to me at work at the end of the day so that I can ride to Barnet where I teach clarinet and saxophone for an hour. Several times now, I've come out of the house I teach in and been unable to start the bike. After trying several times, I call Dan who drives over from Southgate and invariably starts it first time. I then ride home feeling stupid and he drives home annoyed that I made him come out for nothing and wondering why I'm such a girl.

I thought we'd sussed it when after New Year I learnt to start it without flooding the engine. It was fine for a while after that. When Dan dropped it off last night he said it wouldn't start with the normal method - he'd been kick starting it all day. So I kick started it first time and rode off to Barnet. After my lesson I came out to go home and... nothing. It wouldn't start. But it didn't even make any noise like it was trying to start - complete silence. I tried loads of times and eventually gave up and phoned Dan. He came round and guess what? It started straight away.


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