Thursday, February 10, 2005

people, where is your sanity?

The new IKEA store opened last night at 1 minute past midnight when they chopped their log (see pic). It's about a 10 minute drive from our house so, as Dan said, we'll be able to pop in for a lightbulb in 13.5years when our IKEA 15 year energy saving lightbulbs don't work anymore. Hmm.

Anyway, what happened last night has gotta be pure insanity?

4000 people were so desperate to get in that they...
  • queued for hours

  • jumped the queue and charged the doors resulting in people getting sent to hospital suffering from crush injuries

  • got fed up with the heavy traffic and abandoned their cars on the North Circular road

  • caused such a crowd inside the building that people were getting heat exhaustion and needing oxygen and hospital treatment

  • The new "flagship" IKEA was open for all of half an hour and in that time, 22 people were sent to hospital.

    Come on people, it's only furniture.

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