Thursday, February 10, 2005

classroom bound

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I found out yesterday that I've got a place on the Primary PGCE course at Warwick Uni starting in September. Yay!

Obviously I celebrated as any girl would - I went out and bought boots.

It's all very exciting - we're moving to Coventry! It's taken us about 18 months longer than we planned and we've learnt lots about waiting (guess we're not so good at that?) God has been, once again, amazing.



  1. Are you mad?

    My wife has just quit teaching to be the new Children's Director of Stopsley Baptist Church...

    Nice boots though and Warwick uni has it's own cinema on campus which is very cool!

  2. They are great. Nice one.. see you Saturday!!!

  3. just realised you found out about your PGCE place less than a week before i did!

    3 months til we start....!

    sarah :)



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