Monday, February 28, 2005


Friday: Went to the first prayer meeting in the City of London Boiler Room (see Jude's blog for info) which was small but cool. Then back to Barnet for a meeting with some people at church to talk about going out on the streets in the evenings to hang out with the young people. Good meeting - God said lots.

Saturday: Made it to the early prayer meeting thanks to Jodie, her car, some coffee and toasted hot cross buns. On to the obligatory coffee afterwards. Bought a birthday present for my brother, went home, had lunch, sorted out some ebay stuff, went and collected some knitting needles and wool I freecycled, went to Asda, came home and learnt to knit. Then off down to Tonbridge to see YFC Band TVB play at the Baptist Church there. Apart from feeling very old at a youth event, it was a great evening. Ruth (the red blur in the middle) was absolutely fab, as were her boys, especially the newest addition to the group, Dan.

Sunday: Church - did 10-14s with Lynn, talking about how God doesn't say we won't ever suffer but does promise to be our comfort in it all. Diamonds and all that. Ate fish, tidied some spare room boxes, went to Luke & Sarah's church and ate cheese toasties. Nice.

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  1. So that's what I was doing on the 28th of Feb last year!

    Hello rach, I'm Thomas from TVB, don't know if you'll remember me, met you at coventry. It's funny the stuff you accidentally stumble upon online. Say hi to Dan for me.

    God bless




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